100M x 1000mm standard/Reverse
200M x 500mm  standard/reverse
100M x 800mm Reverse/standard
The size is avaible if the buyer required




EPS parnell / Sliding parnel / Roof type / Wall type


Flasing tape
Flashing Tape is a high-performance self-adhesive tape. It is applied with butyl rubber adhesive    layer with even thickness on the AL, PE Film and non-woven fabric. As it is rolled with thin release paper, it is easy to use for the areas requiring water-proof, sealing and humidity-proof.

Water proof sheet
Butyl wrap--- BURAP is a self-adhesive butyl wrap which is laminate of elastomeric, modified butyl rubber adhesive. Easy to release foil protects the adhesive side and provides easy application.
It has wide application such as heavy-duty vapor barrier and weatherproof tape used in (petro) chemical- and cryogenic installations.