KONPAC has grown in leaps and bounds from a cottage plastic importer & distributer to become one of the leading distributer of industrial plastic packaging products & specialized building material base in new zealand
Established in 2001, we began by supplying polyethylene (PE) bags to the industry market in NZ ,
KONPAC is now started to expanding to the Retails market ( Plastic bag, PP band , Protective film ,steel strapping ,PET strapping for the Retails & Industrial, commercial, , market
we are e branch of Vitenam plastic bag company in Vitenam and importing many range of packaging products from Vitenam, China, South Korea and supplying to the NZ market with competitive price and better quality
We are now supplying cost-competitive, innovative and superior quality PE film to our customers using a combination of advanced grade resins and sophisticated multiple layer extrusion technology.


To supplying Reliable & High Quality Packaging & Building materials for Industries

The comprehensive KONPAC Ltd range covers a wide range of products. Below are some of the lines we manufacture:
• Bags for industrial use including:Singlet( super market bag) rubbish bags, bin liners, bags, heavy duty bags, light duty bags.
• Plastic film for industrial use including: timber wrap, furniture wrap, manufacturing wrap.
• Bags and films for food contact including: butcher bags, ice bags, carton liners, re-sealable bags.
• Shopping retail bags including: plastic bags, singlet bags, butcher bags, produce bags, roll bags, and re-sealable bags
• Disposable protective clothing including: smocks, coveralls and smock sleeves.
• Specialised horticultural products including: planter bags, mulch film, spray guards, greenhouse film.
• Products for specialised use including: mattress film ,pallet caps, hospital bags, biohazard bags, coal bags and much more.

- Building material
- Surface protective film( carpet film)
- Water proof sheet: Butyl sealer, Butyl rubber sheet, Butyl tape and butyl wrap, Butyl/ Asphalt flashing tape, Butyl rubber/ Asphalt water proofing, Heat extraction sheet/ tape, TPO Peel & Stick water proofing sheet, EPDM sheet, Damping pad, Sound deadening material, Road repair tape and Asphalt primer.
- PC Sheet( Polycarbonated) canophy,shield / PMMA SHEET(Polymethylemehacrrylate sheet) for sound proof wal l/ PC hallow sheet for greenhouse
- Sandwich parnell for the building / Rigid Urethane form for the insulation
- Insulation for use the wall,floor and roof